Scrip is a certificate, equal to its cash value, and used and accepted as money at most grocery chains, department stores, specialty stores, and restaurants.  Scrip is the following: Shopping with scrip cards bought through St. Francis Xavier, swiping your registered Vons Club Card at the market, and using your registered credit card at any merchant.  When parents purchase Scrip, swipe a registered eScrip card or charge on a Scrip credit card, the participating merchants are paying the school a percentage of each purchase.  Scrip is a painless way for school parents to earn money for the school.

        The Scrip Profit Sharing Program was designed to share profits with participating school families, generated through their regular purchase of Scrip. Participation is optional, but why would you want to miss out on the benefits? The program runs annually from March 1st through February 28th. As parents purchase Scrip,  swipe a registered eScrip card or charge on a Scrip credit card, the profits are being calculated by family. The first $50.00 in profit earned is given to the scrip program. All additional profits are split with the individual family and the school. These profits may be used to reduce school re-registration fees or tuition.

        The profit potential for each family increases as parents introduce more people to the Scrip program.  Families are, therefore, encouraged to get relatives, co-workers, friends, and businesses to purchase Scrip through them. The more Scrip purchases made by school families, the greater return to school families.  The Scrip Program benefits St. Francis Xavier School as well as the students and their families. Please click the Brand List to see what scrip is available. The list is subject to change.