Dear Families:

     Studies show that parental involvement in a child's education is one of the most important factors in raising student self-esteem and academic achievement. Moreover, most experts agree that parental involvement should go beyond attendance at teacher conferences and open houses. We realize, however, that each of our families is unique - with its own priorities, needs, talents, and time constraints and so we will try to provide as many different kinds of opportunities for parental service hours as possible. Please review the volunteer opportunities suggested below, and follow through with any you are interested in. Please remember to have all of your completed 40 hours by the end of February. You must work 2 mandatory shifts per registered student with a max of 5 mandatory shifts per family for our Annual Olde Tyme Country Fair. Most volunteer opportunities will be posted on

  • Yard duty help - contact Anne Konzen at
  • Computer Lab and Library help - contact Tracee Porras at



For Olde Tyme Country Fair shifts please go to:

Fingerprinting and Virtus training required to volunteer at our school. You can find information and scheduling for fingerprinting and Virtus training at our parish website

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