Traditional Kinder, Kinder, 1st-8th grade

St. Francis Xavier School-wide Learning Expectations

In partnership with our school parents, students, faculty, staff and Pastoral Team, St. Francis Xavier School has developed the following School-wide Learning Expectations for our students. Simply stated, a St. Francis Xavier graduate will be:


A Faith-filled Catholic who

Understands and appreciates the Sacraments of our Church
Understands and practices Gospel values
Is observant and takes advantage of opportunities that arise for service to others and the community
Understands that catechetical formation is connected to parish affiliation and participation


An Enlightened, Life-long Learner who

Understands and is proficient in the basic skills of each academic area of the curriculum
Develops reasoning and problem solving strategies that will assist students in becoming independent and critical thinkers
Recognizes and develops sound study skills
Appreciates and utilizes various technological resources and other modes of research to enhance learning


An Effective, Confident Communicator who

Understands writing, speaking, listening, and reading strategies
Can write demonstratively, persuasively, and informatively
Can speak effectively in front of an audience
Understands and demonstrates active listening
Critically analyzes text from various sources of information
Demonstrates basic skills for speaking and understanding Spanish


An Individual Possessing

A positive self-concept
An appreciation of self and others
A willingness to help peers attain a positive self-image
Cooperation strategies to help them resolve conflicts and differences in a Christian manner
A spirit of responsibility and accountability for actions
An understanding among groups of their obligations and responsibilities to be good citizens


An Individual Who Appreciates Physical Health and Fitness through

Participation in all Physical Education activities
An understanding of the importance of good health and proper nutrition
An understanding of the value of good sportsmanship
An understanding of skills needed to participate in the after school sports program
An appreciation of appropriate hygiene and grooming habits


An Individual who Appreciates the Aesthetic in Life through

A basic understanding of visual and fine arts
An understanding of the earth’s beauty as a reflection of God
An awareness of programs that foster knowledge and practice of the arts.



Transitional Kinder, Kinder, 1st-8th grade