Traditional Kinder, Kinder, 1st-8th grade

Greetings and Thank You for Your Interest in St. Francis Xavier School, 

My name is Dr. Paul Sullivan and I have had the privilege of leading St. Francis Xavier School as principal since the 2004-05 school year. Over the many years since my arrival, the school has broadened its scope of learning opportunities for all students while retaining its unique identity as a Catholic school. We teach about God the Father, and the life of Jesus. We also learn about the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit. As an extension to learning the Catholic faith the students are provided opportunities for service to the school, parish and broader community. Educating the spirit and putting good deeds into practice is at the heart of the school’s mission.

Are you interested in a standards-based curriculum for your child? The entire school curriculum is guided by the California State and National standards. Furthermore, the school has identified School-wide Learning Expectations for the students. These expectations connect the details of classroom learning to the purpose and mission of the school program: to educate children in body, mind and spirit. Please review the School-wide Learning Expectations found under the tab  “About.”

Are you interested in a school that utilizes educational technology in the classroom? Over the years, the school has identified new technologies to enliven the classroom learning experience. All of the classrooms are equipped with SmartBoard technology. These interactive boards allow teachers to extend concepts and present them in a way that actively engages students. Associated with the SmartBoards is Smart Technologies’ Learner Response System. The system provides “clickers” so the students may enter answers to questions in class or on an assessment. The immediacy of answers can be shared with the students, their parents, or by the teacher to gauge student understanding.

Lap top computers are in the fifth grade classroom and iPads are in the junior high  program. The lap tops integrate with the SmartBoard allowing the students to interact with the lesson digitally. The school continues to explore new and exciting additions to its educational technology programs. The teachers, students and parents are very supportive of the school’s desire to place educational technology at the forefront of the learning environment.

Are you interested in a school that enriches the lives of students through the Fine Arts? Another element to the St. Francis Xavier School brand is its commitment to Fine Arts education. Theater is the main branch of the Fine Arts program. The school has partnered with a Theater Company to provide a complete production for interested students and their families. The students are part of an authentic, collaborative educational effort that pays huge dividends for student self-concept. Students at St. Francis Xavier love to perform!  Other Fine Arts programs include an after school art program, a children's choir, Edu-Chess, and the annual Christmas Show.

What other learning opportunities are available at St. Francis Xavier School? The school provides leadership opportunities for the students through the Student Council and California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) programs. The students enjoy an exciting sports program through the CYO of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The school also competes annually in the Archdiocesan Junior High Academic Decathlon.

Why should I send my child to St. Francis Xavier School? It is evident and clear that the school program in its entirety successfully prepares the students for the challenges and expectations for high school. St. Francis Xavier has a history of excellent standardized test scores. It has a dedicated and professionally prepared group of teachers and staff. St. Francis Xavier School helps educate each child and support them in their journey to academic and spiritual excellence. In short, St. Francis Xavier is the place to educate a child in body, mind and spirit, as well as provide a family school and parish community. It has been my pleasure introducing to you our wonderful parish school!


Paul Sullivan, Ed. D

Principal, St. Francis Xavier School



Transitional Kinder, Kinder, 1st-8th grade