A hearty welcome from the St. Francis Xavier Parent Teacher Organization to our incoming families!

We’re so happy to have you as part of the SFX community, and we would like to introduce you to our thriving PTO.

The purpose of the SFX Parent Teacher Organization is to promote, support and provide for the welfare of its children in school, church and community; to help insure that the educational, spiritual and physical environment and resources for students and teachers are of the highest quality; to enhance the relations between home, school, parents and teachers in order to best achieve mutual agreement and cooperation in the education and well-being of each student.

Family and community involvement are instrumental in providing assistance to the quality educational programs at St. Francis Xavier School. A strong emphasis is placed on parents, (the child's first and most important teacher), as partners and supporters in the education process, the PTO has a commitment to promote and to provide support in the areas of educational support, fund-raising, social events, and encouraging parent involvement in the school.The purpose of parent involvement in PTO is to help children do better in school. According to PTO Today, when parents are involved in a child's education, both at home and at school, children do better academically. This includes higher grades and test scores, better attendance, better social skills, fewer behavior problems, and a tendency to graduate and continue their education

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) Executive Board

President - Christina Sanchez
First V.P. -  Kerrin Conroy

Second V.P. - Chris Nappi
Treasurer. - Rose Sorensen

Secretary - Vanessa Mongeon

Rev. Sebastian Vettickal, Administrator
Dr. Paul Sullivan, Principal

PTO Chairmanships

Faculty Representative - Teresa Smith
Family Activities - Tracee Baldino & Cynthia Barbosa
Hospitality - Tita Aguayo-Buitrago
New Parent Representative - Christine Barragan & Lauren Riera
Parent Service Agreement Representative - Michelle Funaro
Parish Liaison - Elaine Hodges
Room Parent Representative - Charlene Lafontant


Dinner Auction - JoDee Geryak and Team

Jog-A-Thon - Erin Barrows & Kris Smith

Virtus Training - Rosie Roope

Rita Recker - Parish and School Administrator

Uniform Exchange - Christine Rodriguez & Lieclie Peete


2018-2019 Room Parents

Transitional Kindergarten - Nada Fayad

Kindergarten - Megan Clegg

1st Grade - Amber Sahagun & Kristina Hernandez

2nd Grade - Christine Barragan, Carol Parszik & Angie Resendez

3rd Grade - Leah Clark & Christina Sanchez

4th Grade - Tracee Baldino, Karin Conroy & Heather Thimes

5th Grade - Jennifer MacDonald & Rose Sorensen

6th Grade - Nancy Rizko

7th Grade - Melissa Procanik

8th Grade - Kellie Austin, JoDee Geryak & Charlene Lafontant

PTO Board Minutes



Transitional Kinder, Kinder, 1st-8th grade